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Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection
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Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection | Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection


 Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection


It is proven scientifically that 85% of child sickness and 65% of adult diseases are produced by water-borne viruses, bacteria and intestinal protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Inappropriate water treatment can lead to heath problems - hepatitis B, tuberculosis, meningitis, typhoid fever, tricomoniasis, and cholera, glaucoma, gastrointestinal pain, salmonella, poliovirus, and diarrhea.


We have unit and brand ;


NeoTech Aqua Solutions

NeoTech D222

NeoTech D238

NeoTech D328

NeoTech D428

NeoTech D228

NeoTech D322

NeoTech D338

NeoTech D438


Aquafine UV Sterilizers

Aquafine DW-5

Aquafine DW-8

Aquafine UV SP-1

Aquafine UV SP-2

Aquafine UV SL-10A

Aquafine UV SL-1

Aquafine UV MP-2SL

Aquafine CSL-4R

Aquafine CSL-6R

Aquafine CSL-8R

Aquafine CSL-12R

Aquafine CSL-8R/60

Aquafine CSL-10R/60

Aquafine CSL-12R/60

Aquafine HX 02 ADS

Aquafine HX 02 BDS

Aquafine HX 02 CDS

Aquafine HX 02 BDL

Aquafine HX 02 DDS

Aquafine HX 02 CDL

Aquafine HX 02 DDL

Aquafine HX 04 CDL

Aquafine HX 06 CDL

Aquafine HX 05 DDL

Aquafine HX 06 DDL

Aquafine HX 08 DDL

Aquafine HX 08 EDL

Aquafine HX 08 FDL

Aquafine HX 08 GDL

Aquafine HX 10 GDL

Aquafine HX 12 GDL



Sterilight Ultraviolet System

Sterilight S2Q-PA

Sterilight S5Q-PA

Sterilight S8Q-PA

Sterilight S12Q-PA

Sterilight S80

Sterilight SP740-HO

Sterilight SP950-HO

Sterilight SP410-HO

Sterilight SCM-600

Sterilight SCM-740

Sterilight SC-600

Sterilight SC-740


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